4 Reasons Massage Therapy is Great in the Winter

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4 Reasons Massage Therapy is Great in the Winter

For many of us, the winter months bring hot drinks, extra layers of clothing and more time spent indoors. With shorter and colder days, the winter can wreak havoc on your body and increase your susceptibility to health issues like colds, flu, depression and more. The good news is that massage therapy can help your body tackle these issues.

Many people find themselves booking more sessions during the winter. What’s the reason for this phenomenon? Here are 4 reasons why booking massage therapy for the winter can help you find comfort and relief during the chilly months.

1. Relief for your muscles

Shoveling snow, skating, skiing and other winter sports can leave your muscles feeling sore. Massage can help provide relief to overused muscles and heal sore spots so you can get back to doing your favourite winter activities pain-free. A massage will help stretch your muscles and relieve pressure from your joints.

2. Keep muscles warm

Poor circulation during these colder months can cause your blood vessels to constrict leaving you with higher blood pressure. You’ll feel colder and seasonal aches and pains may return with a vengeance. Massage can aid in getting oxygenated blood throughout your body, help relieve congested areas and allow for better blood flow.

Cold conditions can also cause your body to become tense. If you’re in the cold for an extended period of time, muscle tension can continue even once you’re back in a warm environment. Massage therapy is a great way to keep winter tension under control.

3. Hydration for your skin

Humidity usually drops in the wintertime. This cold and dry air can cause the water in your skin to evaporate, leaving your skin prone to dryness. The good news is that a massage session usually involves the use of natural and essential oils that are massaged on your skin. These also have the added benefit of hydrating your skin while you feel better both on the inside and out.

4. Boost your mood and your health

The shorter days and little amount of sunshine can leave people with the feeling of winter blues, a general feeling of unhappiness and negativity. You may find yourself dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Due to the lack of sunshine, gloomy weather and cold temperatures, depression can be more likely to affect people during the winter. If you experience low energy levels, increased irritability and often oversleep you may have SAD.

It’s not realistic to hibernate during the winter months. So, what’s the solution? Stepping out into the cold and visiting the massage table can help aid depression, restore energy levels and improve concentration. Getting worked on your muscles can increase hormones like serotonin and dopamine while helping you feel more relaxed. This can encourage you to be more social, active and spend more time outdoors, helping you leave your session with a happier mood and more resilience towards the cold environment.

Help your body make it through to spring and schedule your massage this winter with a Burnaby Massage Therapist. Book an appointment with a massage therapist in Burnaby. Call Pacific Health and Sports Therapy and experience the benefits of a warm, winter massage.