Supporting the Burnaby Homeless

Dr. Paul Dhaliwal volunteers to support the Burnaby homeless
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It’s Homeless Action Week 2016, that means raising awareness for the Burnaby homeless community around us. Because the vast majority of homeless people are not “visible” (meaning you won’t see them sleeping outdoors), it’s easy to downplay how big of an issue this really is. Locally, the Burnaby Homeless Connect 2016 was held today and hundreds coming by for a free haircut, eye exam, other services, a hot lunch, coffee, and thanks to Pacific Health and Sports Therapy – a chiropractic adjustment!

Many of these people do not have comfortable beds to sleep on and cannot afford treatments like chiropractic or massage therapy. While our medical services plan (MSP) offers some relief for the cost of these treatments, unfortunately this simply isn’t enough to cover even a single visit. Volunteering our time and services allows us to provide a little relief to the tough lives that these individuals are enduring. We encourage anyone that is interested in getting involved or making a donation to help our homeless community to visit and see how you can help!