What Can Massage Therapists Tell About Your Health After One Session?

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Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body. Techniques are commonly applied with the hands, fingers elbows, knees, forearms, feet or a device. Massage therapy dates back thousands of years when it was only available to members of high- end country clubs. Today massage therapists can be found in many hospitals, wellness centres, clinics, and rehabilitation centres. There are even practitioners who travel to the homes of their patients. While a massage therapist helps to ease muscle tension and alleviate stress, they can also tell a great deal about your health from just one session.

Here are seven things a massage therapist can tell about you after just 60 minutes:

The type of job you do

Your therapist can tell if you have a sedentary job or a job that requires them to sit long hours in front of a computer by the strength of your lower back and the tightness of your glutes and legs. People who work around a computer for long hours generally have a weak lower back and curved shoulders.

You don’t drink enough water

It may come as a surprise that your massage therapist can tell whether you’re consuming your daily eight glasses of water just from your soft tissues. For clients who do not drink adequate water, the muscle trigger points in the upper back will feel tender during the session.

The position you sleep in at nights

Through the manipulation of soft tissues, your therapist can tell your preferred sleeping position. For example, if you sleep on your stomach, this puts a strain on your neck resulting in tightness in that area. Sleeping on your stomach can also cause stress on your back and spine because of the weight that collapses around the middle of your body. This results in difficulty maintaining a neutral position during sleep.

You spend a great amount of time driving

Spending long hours driving can have a negative effect on your posture. A far-forward posture, as well as shoulders that are hunched, are signs that you spend long hours behind the wheel of your car. Patients who drive for long hours also complain of aches in the neck and back.

You are injured or have been injured in the past

An acute injury, caused by a specific impact in one area of the body, is often manifested through heat and inflammation. A more chronic injury may be revealed in the form of muscles that are dehydrated and tight. Your therapist can also tell whether you have been injured in the past by the way your muscles and joints have healed.

You’re constipated

If your stomach is firm to the touch, your therapist can tell that you’re constipated. Fortunately, massage therapy can to get your digestive system moving again and rid you of constipation.

You’re a chronic texter

Hunching over your smartphone with your head in a downward position causes tension and imbalance in the shoulders. Chronic texters often find it painful when massage therapists rub their shoulders given the tension that has accumulated in the area.

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