Things You Should Know About Custom Orthotics

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Your feet bear the weight of your entire body. That why it is important to select footwear that provides enough cushioning and support for your feet. If not, you could end up with painful conditions like Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and bunions. Uncomfortable footwear can also result in pain in the legs, back and hips as well. If you have conditions caused by excessive stress on the feet, you may want to consider custom orthotics.

What is a custom orthotic?

An orthotic is a biomechanical medical device that is designed to align the foot and ankle in an anatomically efficient position. Custom orthotics are made to address your specific imbalances. A custom orthotics provider will assess your foot and the way you walk to design your devices.

How do custom orthotics differ from insoles?

At first glance, custom orthotics may look like over-the-counter insoles, but they are very different. Over-the-counter insoles provide general arch support and can help to provide immediate pain relief. They do not, however, provide a long-term solution. They are also not made to fit your specific foot structure and are not suitable for all shoe types. Additionally, over-the-counter insoles are usually made of low-quality material that will likely break down from repetitive use. On the other hand, custom orthotics are made from high-quality material and are designed from 3-D impressions of your feet. This provides precise contouring of your foot shape. These medical devices can also be adjusted to provide a more exact fit and supportive feel. Your custom orthotics may also be designed to fit a broader range of shoe types than an insole.

Benefits of custom orthotics

There are several benefits to be had from wearing custom orthotics. These benefits include:

  • Pain Relief

Custom orthotics give you instant pain relief by giving your feet the support they need. Since they fit so well, you won’t be forced to stand or walk in an unnatural position.

  • Support and Comfort

Custom orthotics are comfortable even after all-day wear. They absorb shock, provide maximum comfort, and support the precise shape of your arch.

  • Improved Posture

Custom orthotics aims to correct your alignment. When this happens, your posture will improve.

Why custom orthotics sometimes feel uncomfortable

The purpose of custom orthotics is to realign the structure of your feet. Because of this, you may feel pressure in some areas as the custom orthotic does what it is meant to do. To ensure you do not feel too much discomfort when you first start wearing your custom orthotics, you should do so in two-hour intervals. You should then gradually extend how long you wear them over a two-week period.

Types of shoes that may be worn with custom orthotics

Once your shoes have removable insoles, it should work with your custom orthotics. All you will have to do is remove the insoles to replace them with the custom orthotics. It may, however, be a good idea to have custom orthotics designed for specific activities such as exercise.

How to get custom orthotics in Burnaby or New Westminster

If you are searching for custom orthotics in Burnaby or New Westminster, come see us at Pacific Health and Sports Therapy. At Pacific Health and Sports Therapy, we will make a biomechanical assessment of each foot in order to create the best orthotic product for you. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.