Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, or Physiotherapist?

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Do you suffer from chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain? Have you heard friends and family tell you over and over again that you should see their chiropractor, visit a massage therapist, or get an appointment with a physiotherapist? All these recommendations are given with good intent; but these three professions aren’t interchangeable. In order to understand what sort of service you need, you should speak to your doctor who will be able to diagnose the cause of your pain and refer you to the right clinic. Here are the main differences between these professions.


A chiropractor treats musculoskeletal conditions and other ailments that are also similarly treated by a message therapists and physiotherapists; however, chiropractors receive two more years of medical training in order to treat or rule out other issues. A chiropractor’s methods involve adjustments, taping, cold laser therapy, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, and the Active Release Technique. Chiropractic services are commonly employed to treat back and neck pain and other musculoskeletal issues. Pacific Health’s chiropractor services will work in stages to diagnose your condition, treat the immediate pain, and find a long-term preventative solution.

Physiotherapy is a practice that mainly involves helping people rehabilitate from recent injury or chronic illness, which causes reduced mobility and flexibility and muscle weakness. Therapists in this field often work with professional or amateur athletes to help them get back on track of their fitness goals. If you suffer from broken bones as a result of a car accident or fall, a physical therapist helps promote mobility and increase muscle strength. There are various treatment techniques of physiotherapy, like electrotherapy, stretching exercises, hydrotherapy, and . A large component of a physiotherapist’s job is to educate their patients about proper exercise techniques to prevent injury and strengthen muscles.

Massage Therapist

A massage therapist treat pain, inflammation, stress, tension, and even digestive issues by massaging your muscle tissues in specific areas of the body. Massage therapy incorporates essential oils and even therapeutic music to help soothe and relax you. There are many different types of massage therapy, from intense deep-tissue or sports massage to relaxation therapy. Massage therapy can be used on a basis to help control the stress and tension in your body and help relieve symptoms of chronic pain. Unlike physiotherapy, massage therapy does not work on rehabilitation and musculoskeletal strengthening.

Get Help for Your Pain and Tension

Pain in your back, neck, shoulders or other parts of the body is a sign of a deeper issue. No matter what you’re suffering from, it’s important not only to treat the symptom, i.e. your pain, but to also get to the root of the problem in order to prevent it from returning. At Pacific Health and Sports Therapy, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution—that’s why we have thousands of hours of chiropractic training and experience to help us customize a treatment plan for every individual. Contact Pacific Health and Sports Therapy or book an appointment for our chiropractic services.