Avoid Time Off of Work

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The effectiveness of chiropractic for helping you avoid time off of work has always been strong. Being experts in the management of common workplace injuries like back pain, neck pain, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome allows us to quickly and effectively manage patient care to let you return back to work.

While large companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook are appreciating the benefits of chiropractic in their workplace, most companies don’t have the ability to follow suit. The benefits of having a chiropractor on staff in a workplace are massive! Having quick treatment times combined with effective results means that it’s easy for employees to improve their health on a work break, or before/after their shift.

Benefits of Chiropractic at Work

Having regular access to chiropractic care puts employees in a better position to solve problems in their body early on- so they don’t lead to larger issues down the road. Time off work means added cost to your employer (since work will begin to fall behind), and needless suffering for you as you deal with your health. Catching problems early, which is the essential role of regular preventative chiropractic care, allows for the treatment of trouble areas while they are still simply and quick to fix. Once a condition has become painful or chronic, it will need multiple treatments and will affect your ability to work, concentrate, and enjoy your hobbies.

Less Time Off of Work

Time off of work can also mean using your valuable sick days, losing out on pay, or causing you to fall behind on projects and reports- all which can affect your professional reputation and your company’s performance. Even if you have not suffered a major problem with your muscles, joints, or nerves before, the repetitive nature of most jobs means that you are increasingly at risk of injury with every passing day. This is why we recommend regular chiropractic care that will recognize the stress factors of your work, and tailor treatments to your body and your needs.

While having a chiropractor on staff at your work might not be realistic for you, this does not change the fact that chiropractic care is a very accessible form of health care that provides relief, improves your health and at Pacific Health and Sports Therapy, it also works around your work schedule!

We’re open 7 days a week with availabilities before or after work- so there is always a time slot that works for you! This way, you can rest assured that if you have any health concerns or simply want the reassurance of preventative care, there will be an appointment that works for you.