The Effects of Immobility on the Body

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Immobility speaks to the lack of voluntary movement of the body or parts of the body. The severity of immobility is generally seen in the various health conditions that develop due to an extended lack of movement. With the introduction of physiotherapy, persons are able to improve their mobility and lessen the risk of health defects.

Causes of Immobility

Immobility can be caused by various psychological, physical or natural factors. These include disability, depression, anxiety, injury, terminal illnesses, neurological conditions and even certain stationary jobs.

Effects of Immobility

Regardless of the cause of immobility, the effects can be very significant, both physically and emotionally, and can affect several of the body’s regular functions and systems.

Immobility may lead to:

  1. Poor circulation: With a lack of movement, the body’s circulatory system automatically slows, causing blood to pool together instead of flowing freely. This puts added pressure and stress on the heart, which can result in blood clots (such as DVT’s) and less energy.
  2. Lack of muscular strength: The muscular system is generally the first to show the harsh effects of immobility. Muscles tend to lose their strength and mass, resulting in stiffness, pain and difficulty in movement.
  3. Psychological complications: Persons who are unable to move around freely may suffer from a series of emotional consequences. These consequences may include mood swings, withdrawal, social isolation and feelings of helplessness from not being as mobile or active as previous.
  4. Skeletal system degeneration: Degeneration of the bones, marked as arthritic changes on a x-ray may occur due to immobility. This risk is higher in the elderly, who naturally lose bone strength due to calcium depletion as they age. Movement and exercise are important for preserving joint and bone health.

Physiotherapy and Immobility

Being immobile does not have to be a permanent situation. With the help of a qualified physiotherapist, persons can regain complete or partial use of their bodies and combat the side effects of immobility. This can be done through a series of assessments, treatments, exercises, and rehabilitation. With the use of physiotherapy, patients can receive fresh hope to lead active lives again.

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