Preparing Your Body Before a Workout

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If you’re new to an active lifestyle or want to start getting back in shape, there are a few important things you should do to set your body up for a successful workout session. Instead of hitting snooze a million times before getting out of bed, consider getting your day going with a brisk workout before your morning coffee. This is a great way to activate your muscles and get your blood pumping for the day’s activities. Here’s how to prepare your body for a morning workout in advance so you can wake up and spring into action.

Hydrate the evening before

When you wake up, you want to give yourself all the full possibility of being ready to exercise. One way in doing so is to begin the hydration process the evening before. Why is this important? In order to for your muscles to build protein, water intake is crucial. It takes a slow and steady hydration process to set yourself up. If you have any back problems or are prone to soreness in certain areas of your body, how much water you drink and when you drink it can make a positive impact. Finally, it can also help with protecting your muscles with existing or impending injuries.

Eat a light meal at dinner

If you have a big meal the evening before, chances are you might feel sluggish the next day and you won’t be up for some morning exercise. A general rule of thumb in any case is that you should be consuming similar portions throughout the day, including your dinner the night before a morning workout session. This is the optimal way to let your body absorb nutrients. Avoid over consumption at all costs especially when you’re planning a morning workout.

If you have a regular diet, it’s best to eat fewer carbs to avoid blood sugar spikes that can affect neurotransmitters in your brain like orexin that are connected to wakefulness, which will affect how you feel in the morning. For any other diets, just ensure you get a good balance of carbs and protein sources from your meal.

Finally, when you eat can also make a difference to how you feel in the morning. Eating earlier gives your body more time to digest food well before you get your night’s rest. If you have trouble with digestion, a 15 minute walk after dinner coupled with a cup of herbal tea can help.

Prepare your items

Finally, whether you work out at home or decide to join a fitness class, it’s always best to pack your items the night before. Get your clothes, water bottle and various items ready so you’re all set in the morning. Chances are if you’re packed and prepared, you’ll be more motivated to get your morning workout routine established.

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