What is Kinesiology Tape and How is it Used?

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If you’ve suffered an injury or illness that is causing inflammation, pain and/or limited mobility, kinesiology tape can help. Kinesiology tape can also help improve your sporting performance and prevent further injuries.

Kinesiology tape is a thin strip of elastic cotton with acrylic adhesive. This tape is nearly identical to human skin in its thickness and elasticity which makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. Instead of working against the muscles and joints to restrict movement, kinesiology tape works with them to offer support and repositioning. It provides stability without compromising range of motion or circulation.

Not only does its skin-like feel provide more comfort for the wearer, but it also has neurological benefits. When there is an injury the brain automatically adjusts the body to limit the pain resulting in uncoordinated movement. Kinesiology tape is designed to trick the brain into thinking that the injured body part can function without pain. This causes the muscles surrounding the injured area to relax as no longer must they compensate for the problem.

How to apply kinesiology tape

Before applying kinesiology tape, you should consult a physiotherapist who has been trained in the art of kinesiology taping for them to show you the most effective techniques to use when applying the tape. Your physiotherapist will also advise you of the type of tape that is best suited for your needs.

You will need to cleanse your skin with soap or alcohol to ensure it is free of lotions or liniments. Allow the area to dry and then apply the tape. You should also remove excess hair from the area in which you want to apply the tape.

Although kinesiology tape is made from a breathable and water-resistant material, you should wait for at least an hour after applying it before doing any activities in which you will get sweaty or wet. When you do get your kinesiology tape wet, simply dry it by patting it with a towel.

Do you need kinesiology tape services in Burnaby?

If you want to try kinesiology taping to improve your movement and reduce pain and inflammation, contact us at Pacific Health and Sports Therapy. At Pacific Health and Sports Therapy, we will assess your movement and show you how to use kinesiology tape for optimal results. In addition to kinesiology taping services, we also offer chiropractic care, physiotherapy, sports therapy, massage therapy and other rehabilitative care that will help improve your movement and overall way of life. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to book an assessment. Let us help you on your journey to recovery.

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