Kinesiology Tape at the Olympics

rocktape / kinesiology tape used with Team USA diving team
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In high-level sports, like the Olympics, there’s often a very fine line between a gold and silver medal. In such a competitive atmosphere, an athlete/coach will use any tool they can find to give a competitive advantage (assuming it’s legal). You may have seen various athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics wearing this colourful tape- and my favourite brand (as seen used by the USA diving team in Rio, and pictured above) is RockTape. RockTape’s kinesiology tape lasts longer and stays on better than any other brand I have used, which is why I not only use it with patients and sell it, but also use it personally.

Whether or not you’re an athlete, RockTape allows you to move easier, recover faster, and get on with your lives sooner… Whether that means running a marathon or being able to move your shoulder without pain.

Athletes during this year’s games may wear the tape if they’re recovering from an injury or wear it as a preventative measure over weak muscles and ligaments. Because athletes often train and compete with some sort of pain or injury, kinesiology tape helps keeps them in the game and performing at their highest level.

Come by our clinic to see if RockTape can help you with your goals and to pick up a roll today!

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