Being Healthy Can Be Rewarding

People may soon have a better incentive to make healthy choices!
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While everyone may not share the same definition of “healthy”, the BC government is in talks about unveiling a “Carrot Rewards” program that aims to do exactly that, and reward people accordingly. The plan adds millions of dollars to the BC health budget to fund a fitness initiative to rewards residents for making healthy decisions such as joining fitness classes and eating healthy foods with reward points. The idea is that these reward points can be redeemed for some type of gift that will hopefully encourage residents to be more active and eat healthier… And in turn, spend less time in doctor’s offices and hospitals with costly medical bills.
Personally, I think this is a great idea, with high obesity rates going hand-in-hand with increased risk of costly long-term conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Improving the health of our population means the government saves a significant amount of money on healthcare, which is already an astronomical 17 billion dollars of our provincial budget.

This initiative is with a similar mindset of some private health insurance companies in the United States that provide a partial reimbursement for gym memberships to encourage a more active/healthy lifestyle, thus potentially reducing the individual’s risk of costly health conditions as a result of inactivity – meaning less cost to the insurance company and better health for the resident… Win-win deal.


Edit: The program is active! Check out for more information and to download your appropriate app to get started!