Fight the Common Cold with Common (and Healthy) Ingredients

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There’s nothing worse than having your plans derailed by a pesky cold. And even though you pump your body full of liquids and all the cold medication you can find, you’re still left feeling achy, groggy, and stuffy. If you can’t afford to let your cold ride itself out, try these foods and supplements to boost your immune system, treat your symptoms, and speed up the healing process:


Garlic is a powerful cold fighter, and its pungent fumes do a lot more than keep vampires away. The active ingredient in garlic is allicin, which has proven to fight bacteria and viruses. While it’s better to consume fresh cloves, the harsh taste might give you a stomach ache. If you have a sensitive stomach, try swallowing divided cloves like you would pills. The beauty of using garlic as a cold fighter is that it’s probably already sitting right on your counter.


Spices do one important thing: they raise your body temperature and make you sweat. The effect of heating your body can do wonders on your cold symptoms. Selecting the right concoction of spices will tighten your blood vessels, which can provide temporary relief of congestion. The sweats you get from consuming spicy food is part of an ancient Indian method to break a fever. Try different recipes, or even spicy brews to find the one that works for you. There are many spices to choose from, and you can probably start with what you have in your kitchen cupboard.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is used in veterinary, pediatric, and family care. Homemade bone broth tastes great and can be made in bulk. The marrow in animal bones is highly rich in healthy minerals and vitamins. There’s a reason chicken-noodle soup has always been the go-to meal for sick kids around the world. It packs a healthy punch and some people have even swapped out their morning coffee for a nice hot cup of bone broth. Vegetarians can experience a similar health benefit from a vegetable broth. Try blending celery, carrots, onions, and spices.

Vitamin C
Consume as much vitamin C as you possibly can: orange juice, chewable tablets, citrus fruit, veggies—anything that will pump your body full of this essential cold-fighting vitamin. What makes vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, so effective for fighting colds? Vitamin C is known for its immune-system boosting properties, but it also fights viruses in your body and builds up resistance to infection.

Staying Healthy with a Healthy Diet
The food we put in our bodies is crucial to maintaining our overall health. If you’re suffering from an illness or injury, we will always recommend a nutritious whole-food diet in addition to any form of sports therapy. Eating healthy food not only helps prevent and fight off common colds, infections, and serious illnesses, but it can also stimulate and enhance your body’s natural healing processes to speed up your recovery. Book an appointment with Pacific Health and Sports Therapy to discuss how we can help you improve your overall health.

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