Fencing and Chiropractic

Fencing athlete getting chiropractic care | Burnaby, New Westminster | Sports Therapy & Chiropractic Clinic
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Fencing is a great sport that requires agility, precision, and strategy. Being able to read your opponent, navigate their moves, and rapidly strike – to hit a tiny target before your opponent can react… This sport begs perfection from athletes, with any advantage in movement being able to make the difference between hitting a target or missing by a centimeter, that is why this sport responds so well to chiropractic care.

As fencing athletes are pushing the limits of their bodies for reach, flexibility and speed, they place huge demands on their bodies. They need maximum range of motion and stability in their ankles and hips as they lunge forward, maximum controlled rotation of their upper back (thoracic spine) as they reach forward, full flexibility and control in their shoulder, elbow, and wrist as their strike their target and the muscle endurance to do this over and over for multiple matches in a day.

Sports chiropractic care provides an extensive examination of the body’s movements and limitations in order to maximize its performance- regardless of the sport. But the added knowledge of the demands in a specific sport allows the chiropractor to focus their attention on the areas that will provide the greatest reward for the athlete and their goals.

Limitations in movement often come without pain- as the body gets used to areas of tightness, it’s normal for the body to give up trying to push through tightness, and instead try and find ways to compensate for these limitations – often increasing the body’s stress to other nearby joints and tissues, making them more prone to injury. Having a proper assessment allows the chiropractor to find and help any areas that aren’t performing to their potential, improving their range of motion and stability, and helping to take the load off of surrounding structures to make a better, more resilient athlete.