Exercise Alone Isn’t Enough to Combat Sitting At the Office

sitting in the office is bad for your health | Burnaby, New Westminster | Sports Therapy & Chiropractic Clinic
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The idea that ‘sitting is bad for your health’ may not be much of a surprise to most of us, but a new study from Australia is showing that even getting regular exercise every day might not do much to improve your risk of serious health problems such as heart disease, respiratory problems or even cancer.

The consensus is that even if you’re spending 30 minutes of your day exercising, that hardly puts a dent into the other 23.5 hours of your day that you spent mostly sitting. Although the solution of not sitting is easier said than done, past studies have shown that even taking short frequent breaks is an effective strategy to offset the physical changes that take place when sitting for long periods. Consider that what you are really trying to do, is to bring more movement into your day – being in the office, in one spot isn’t much better than being parked in front of your TV or than driving for a long period of time.

So what does this mean for you? Instead of sitting for a long period, take a small 10-20 second break every half hour to stand, take a few steps, stretch back while reaching your arms overhead, and breathe deeply. These stretches and movements will help to break the cycle of sitting or simply not moving and will help improve the blood flow throughout your body to keep your muscles and tissues healthy.

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