Chiropractor Cost without Insurance in Vancouver

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Chiropractor Cost without Insurance in Vancouver

At some point in life, you may have found yourself needing to see a massage therapist, a chiropractor or another health professional without having adequate insurance to help you cover the costs. Even if you do have health insurance, it often doesn’t cover certain services such as physical therapy or chiropractic treatments.

Regardless of if you have insurance that will cover chiropractic treatments or not, your body is the only one you will have and you need to take good care of it. Without taking care of your body, especially when issues such as accidents or injuries arise, it may cause chronic health problems that could otherwise be avoided with appropriate treatment. There may reach a point where the effects of the chronic health problems can be lifelong and very unlikely to improve.

To avoid complications like chronic pain, always take wellbeing into your own hands. There are ways to see a chiropractor without insurance. Here is some information to help you with a chiropractic visit if you don`t have insurance in Vancouver.

Does insurance cover chiropractic services?

For patients with premium assistance, MSP will partially cover chiropractic service fees. In many other cases, chiropractic care is covered by extended benefit plans and you’ll be able to send in your receipts for reimbursement or take advantage of a clinic’s ability to direct bill your health plan. Some extended health plans offer full coverage, including x-rays and exams. In other cases, insurance may only cover chiropractic services if you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident or a work-related injury. Consider taking a close look at your insurance policy to find the details about your coverage or call your local chiropractic office to help you find out what your insurance would cover.

How much does it cost to see a chiropractor without insurance?

You may be wondering about the costs associated with seeing a chiropractor in Vancouver and if you can afford a consultation. Paying out of pocket can be a difficult decision when you have a lot of other expenses to consider. Googling “cheap Chiropractor near me” or “affordable chiropractic services” may seem like a good idea. But, be aware that the cheapest option may not always be the best solution. As with anything else, choosing the cheapest option does not ensure the best quality, and it is important for you to consider if you’re choosing the right type of care for your concerns.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that a chiropractic appointment is very affordable. Many patients choose to pay for their visits to a chiropractor directly as they can be cost-effective. The fees associated with a consultation are standard and set by the British Columbia Chiropractic Association. Usually, a consultation (your first visit) can cost between $90 and $150 and cost per subsequent or future visit is between $50 to $70. Prices vary among clinics, but with Pacific Health and Sport Therapy Clinic you can take comfort that you are getting the best possible care.

Generally, a referral isn’t needed to see a chiropractor and treatments can vary greatly between individuals. We accept private insurance, non-insured, and auto accident cases that result in headaches, back pain or other symptoms that can be treated with chiropractic care.

To learn more about payment options for chiropractic care, you can call our Burnaby chiropractic office directly at (604) 540-1140 and one of our staff members will assist you.

Coverage for chiropractic visits can vary widely. If you do have insurance but you’re not sure if you are covered to see a chiropractor in Burnaby, call your insurance plan provider to learn more about your coverage. You can also give us a call to learn more about how we can direct bill your insurance provider for you to save you the hassle!