5 Simple Ways of Staying Active When Cold Weather Arrives

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To many people, fall elicits feelings and images of comfort, cozy fires, big woolly sweaters, pumpkin pie, and Halloween. For others, it means having to figure out how to stay active and fit when outside is no longer a comfortable place to work out. Sometimes it’s easy to use the poor weather as an excuse to stay indoors and snuggle under the blanket instead. But if you’re serious about your fitness, here are five simple ways to staying active when fall comes around:

#1: Join a Gym

The gym is a mecca for many fitness enthusiasts. A good gym will have all the equipment and classes you could ever need to stay in shape and take part in the sports and activities you love. If you experience Canadian winters like the rest of us, joining a gym is a great way to have access to fitness equipment no matter what it looks like outside. You’ll find a wide range of membership options available and all the bells and whistles you could ever ask for. But if you’re just looking for somewhere that has decent equipment and nothing more, there are plenty of discount gyms available. Sure, it doesn’t beat the outdoors, but it will help you stay fit all year long.

#2: Embrace the Cold with Proper Gear

Depending on where you live, you might be able to push your outdoor fitness regimen well into December (and maybe even beyond). If you live in Burnaby, you’re fortunate enough to not have to deal with extremely cold winters that our neighbours in Calgary and Winnipeg have to deal with. That means that as long as you wear the right clothing, you can jog around your neighbourhood listening to Christmas carols. If you need to purchase winter fitness clothing, focus on layering and ensure that your clothing is warm and moisture-wicking, like merino wool. If your lungs are sensitive to cold wind, consider wearing a balaclava to protect your lungs from the harsh cold. If you’re running on trails, ensure that your shoes have grippy lugs underneath to bite through any frost and reduce your chances of slipping.

#3: Get Ready to Winterize

There’s always something to do around the house in the autumn months. Whether it’s closing your pool, raking leaves, putting up Halloween decorations, hauling and cutting wood, or mowing the lawn, there are many physical activities at home that you can turn into a workout. Raking may not seem like a big job, and can feel overly tedious, but with how amazing of a shoulder and arm workout it is, there’s a reason to get outside and start raking! The great thing about raking is that you probably need to do it more than once this fall, giving you multiple workout opportunities, whereas the other activities don’t need to be repeated too soon.

#4: Find Autumn Hikes

There’s nothing quite like a trek through the woods accompanied by the smell of crisp air blended with pine needles and the distant sweet aroma of an outdoor fire. Fall truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year to explore the wild side of our country. Put on those layers, pack a bag, bring plenty of water and take your family to the mountain or hiking trail and spend the day burning calories, pushing your muscles, and experiencing nature at its best.

#5: Invest in Home Equipment

If you’re into hardcore weight-lifting or a specialized form of exercise, then you might already have a home gym or a few pieces of equipment in your basement. Many people prefer to workout at home instead of the gym because it’s cheaper and they feel less self-conscious. You’d be amazed by what you can accomplish with a decent set of weights and a cardio machine. Fortunately, there are plenty of free at-home workouts available online that you can do any time of day. Get your sweat on while the rain and snow falls outside your window.

If you’ve ever used the weather as an excuse not to exercise, we hope this post has given you the motivation to stay active and healthy any time of year. Pacific Health and Sports Therapy can help you stay healthy and in shape with chiropractic and sports therapy services. Contact us today or book an appointment online.